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    We are proud to offer payment management through a Partnership with  Authorize.Net®, a leading payment gateway provider since 1996 with over 440,000 customers around the globe.


    Authorize.Net Preferred Reseller    

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    Authorize.Net Payment Gateway

    Authorize.Net manages the complex routing of transaction data from your business to the credit card and electronic check payment networks, ensuring secure and reliable deposit of funds into your merchant account.


  • Agile SCRUM Deployment


    This is an exciting time as we move from staging servers to the Internet and verify real-world UX of the live project in a soft-launch state before releasing to the market.

    Hand-off to The MARKET !

  • Agile SCRUM Design


    UX / UI Design requires an awareness of human interaction and expectations of how that application should respond to Users' needs to provide excellent User Experience (UX).

    Constant interplay with Development.

  • thinker 1


    Does my website need SSL protection?

    Of course your website needs SSL protection!


    If your website accepts any kind of text or other input such as login, comment posts, blogging, etc., and if not sufficiently protected with an up to date SSL/TLS Certificate, the data is at risk of being hacked easilyBrowsers will also soon begin to ...

    If your website does not accept any kind of text or other inputas of Spring 2018, primary Internet directory and search engine services and some Internet browsers will begin to...

    ...display messages indicating that those websites without SSL (http) are not safe for browsing.

    walkaway 1

    Now, if that doesn't turn site visitors away from ever knowing how wonderful your jam is, nothing will.


    Even simple websites with no data entry will benefit by migrating to proper SSL security measures no later than Spring 2018 as browsers begin to display not safe messages on websites still using old, outdated security measures.  

    There's nothing more to think about, serious website owners need to be sure they are secure.

  • Agile SCRUM RequireAnalysis

    Guided by SCRUM

    We apply an Agile focus that SCRUM software development process provides.

    SCRUM is a methodology that removes obsticles that impede development to completion in short time.

  • Agile SCRUM QualityAssurance

    Quality Assurance

    Qualifying all functionality including data capture, processing and display in this area is critical end of re-iterations and sprints before market acceptance and conversions.

    Hand-off to Deployment, then Launch!

  • Agile SCRUM ReleaseToMarket

    Release to Market

    The fun has begun!

    With social connections and engaging content with SEO techniques applied, you're open for business!

  • Agile SCRUM RequireAnalysis

    Requirements Analysis

    Understand the "as-is" state of the project - iterate and sprint to market.

    User Experience (UX) success increases when transparent discovery and analysis reveals effective guidelines for User Interface (UI) Design.