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    Development Plan


    cPanel Administrator Panel, Choice of Online Conference System with record & playback or VoIP/SIP telephony service w/ website package, and more.


    Start your own TV or Radiooperation with a full-featured Online Conference and Collaboration system with which you can invite colleagues and host meetings on any device to share screens files and whiteboard, and even record the sessionand have listed to be played backas podcastsand webinar eventsusing links and calendarson your SSL-encrypted secure website!

    Plus cPanel Admin to create email & admin accounts, monitor web stats and more.


    Total Cost of Ownership Per Year

    $2,250 Website Development +$528 Hosting per year = $2,778 First Year

    $528/year Hosting thereafter.*


    *All information technology is subject to critical changes and updates.
    For recurring technical support after initial development, please consider our Web Attendant support plans.


    Annual payments enjoy one month free!


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